Top AEW Star Reveals Preparation For A Major Main Event Finish

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Top AEW Star Reveals Preparation For A Major Main Event Finish AEW

A top AEW star has revealed the preparation for a major main event finish.

At ROH Final Battle 2022, Claudio Castagnoli defeated Chris Jericho with his Giant Swing to regain the Ring of Honor World Championship. This was a surprising result as no one expected Jericho to tap out to the Swing.

Appearing on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Jericho discussed how his thought process came about to do that finish. He said:

“We have for years been trying to figure out how to get out of that move because when he does it, people react. When he stops, the people come down again.”

“I’ve been working with him since WWE. We could never figure out what we were going to do. Finally, this Giant Swing [would work in this spot]. Then I was like, f***, can I tap out?”

“So I actually had him do it do see when you’re swinging, can I move my hand around to tap out? I was [tapping the mat] as I was spinning around, but what a great f***in’ way to go out.”

This of course wasn’t the first time that Jericho was on the receiving end of the Giant Swing. When recalling him taking the move on top of the steel cage during AEW Blood and Guts last year, Jericho said:

“I took that Giant Swing, what, 40 feet up on the top of a cage? And the only reason I did it was because Claudio, the guy we’re talking about, is the strongest guy and I knew there was no way in hell he’s ever going to even have one wavering second of dropping me.”

“But as soon as he started giving it to me, I’m up there, and all I see is these people upside-down, and down this far, I took about six [swings], and I’m [yelling], ‘I’m done, I’m done! Stop! Stop!’”

“Now watching it back on camera, I could have taken it 50 times, but when you’re up there, it was terrifying! It was freaking me out, man.”

Transcription via WrestleZone

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