Top Dolla Responds To Reports That He ‘Rubbed People The Wrong Way’

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Top Dolla Responds To Reports That He ‘Rubbed People The Wrong Way’

WWE released Top Dolla, along with the rest of the Hit Row faction, from the company last night (November 18) as part of the most recent batch of talent cuts, which saw eight main roster stars get released.

Reports have since emerged that AJ Francis (Top Dolla) having backstage heat in the company is what led to his, and ultimately the entirety of Hit Row’s, release.

Top Dolla took to his Twitter account today, where he responded to the reports of him rubbing people the wrong way, claiming that he was disrespected by the company.

Francis tweeted:

Here’s what rubs people the wrong way.

-Standing up for your own. When Bri was released and I called the office myself to tell them they made a mistake.

-Standing up for yourself. Ppl in the PC told me “Hit Row” wouldn’t work for a year and a half & I never took their advice.

TRUST ME I got plenty stories I can tell about how I was disrespected but just took it on the chin like a professional. Even with the video I released today it was all professionalism. But I’m NOT gonna let these BS “reports” ruin my reputation. I got tea I can spill too.

Francis also released a rap video today, thanking WWE and the fans for their support during his time in the company, while naming AEW, NJPW, IMPACT and other promotions as his potential next landing point.

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