Triple H Rejected Popular WWE Faction

Triple H Rejected Popular WWE Faction WWE

WWE star Santos Escobar has recalled Triple H initially rejecting his pitch to bring back a popular WWE faction.

During Escobar’s NXT days, the Mexican wrestling veteran formed the Legado Del Fantasma faction.

Escobar, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde brought the faction to the main roster in October 2022, with Zelina Vega replacing Elektra Lopez in the group’s lineup.

In March 2023, Rey Mysterio aligned himself in the group, which was then renamed Latino World Order.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Escobar revealed that Triple H previously shot down his pitch to bring back the LWO:

“The very first conversation I had with Triple H, he asked me what do you want to do, and I told them, ‘Can I bring back the LWO?’

“Before I said the letter ‘O,’ he said ‘No.’ [He said,] ‘I want you to be you and I want people to see you and not think of anybody else’

“That kind of shut down my initial desire, but Triple H was right. The time wasn’t right. It wouldn’t have been what it is right now.

“Also, it needed a very important ingredient: an OG. An original LWO (member), and that’s Rey (Mysterio).”

Escobar also opened up about the Legado Del Fantasma faction, noting:

“(Legado del Fantasma) gave me the opportunity to do what everything I wanted to do. Who I am, where I come from, what I’m about … every single time I was out there.

“Every promo, every backstage, every scene, every feud, every rivalry was letting people know that I’m all about lucha libre (and) that lucha libre is about tradition, heritage, culture, and familia.

“All the values that you have whether you’re Mexican, Latino, or not, are the values I have. We relate, and that’s how Legado got over. That’s how Santos got really over on ‘NXT,’ because everything I say is real.”

Escobar recently revealed that he was able to buy his mother a house, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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