Tucker Reveals Bizarre Gimmicks He Pitched Before WWE Release

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tucker Reveals Bizarre Gimmicks He Pitched Before WWE Release

Levi Cooper (Tucker) has discussed a number of odd gimmicks he pitched to WWE before his departure from the company.

Tucker is best known for his WWE tag team run with Otis as Heavy Machinery. The former WWE talent has since noted a few ideas he suggested to WWE while he was still on the roster.

Speaking with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, Tucker recalled pitching a d**khead golfer gimmick. Also noting that he pitched a “mansplainer” character, Tucker said:

“I pitched the golf guy for myself, kind of like a country club d**khead. You know, I like golf. I’m like, ‘Well, I know all the jargon of golf. You know, I could throw out all the lingo and talk about I’m going to hit you upside the head with the birdie,’ you know what I mean? ‘They’re making bogeys’ – whatever it is! So I pitched that.

“I pitched one where I’m kind of like a mansplainer and I’m sort of like… I pitched that I would have somebody that would be kind of like my taskmaster essentially, and all I’m doing is just thinking about how everyone’s doing different things wrong and how I need to fix them from doing those wrong things backstage. Then my handler is like, ‘Hey, it’s time to wrestle.

“Like, you need to focus on how to wrestle right now and not how to…’ And I’m always just like thinking I’m living my life perfect and everyone else has little flaws in their existence that I can fix for them. But like I mentioned earlier about the pitches, you can kind of pitch until your face turns blue but if they don’t want to use you or they don’t have plans for you necessarily… Even if you have an amazing pitch and they love it, but they don’t see it for you, they’ll just give it to someone else.

“That happens too. So, yeah, I did. But I can take some onus of this – that especially like after that Ricochet thing and after a couple of weeks, I was just like, Well, any time you put me in the ring, like, I’m going to give you…'”

Tucker was released by WWE in April 2021. In an exclusive interview, Tucker revealed how he found out about plans to split up Heavy Machinery.

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