WWE Stars Tangle On Twitter

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Stars Tangle On Twitter WWE

While the most popular hashtag on the app may be #RIPTwitter, the possible demise of the platform hasn’t stopped two WWE stars from tangling!

It seems two stars who were supposed to make their WWE main roster debut together recently have gone into full battle mode, including on socials!

Responding to a clip of Zoey Stark’s lengthy tirade against her during her promo on Tuesday edition of NXT, Nikkita Lyons sounded off.

Posting to Twitter a series of messages, Lyons said:

“Who got famous posing on the beach & doing stupid dances?

Lmao that’s called ENJOYING LIFE💫 I’ve been grinding since 4 yrs old, worked hard AF just like you.

Don’t come for me when you don’t know half the sh*t I’ve been through to get where I am. Byyyyeee 👋🏼”

Second to catch Lyon’s eye seems to be a response from Zoey Stark on Lyons’ post from a few days ago referencing judgement and misunderstanding on social media.

Stark wrote:

“It’s not judging or misunderstanding when it’s the TRUTH.

You’re more worried about being social media famous than you are about focusing on what needed to be done. #WWENXT”

To which Lyons then responded:

“Hahahah one who’s already poppin’ doesn’t need to worry about it… you’re old ass just don’t seem to understand the new generation of marketing & business building.

Yo ass on MY page trynna clout chase, so what’s good 😈”

If this really is the end of Twitter, at least the ladies of NXT continue to bring the drama until the very end.

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