Two Injured Superstars Return To WWE SmackDown This Friday

3 years ago by Nate

Two Injured Superstars Return To WWE SmackDown This Friday

It was announced during Monday Night Raw that Paige and Jeff Hardy will be returning to WWE SmackDown on Friday night.  Both wrestlers have not been wrestling due to injury.

Jeff Hardy has been cleared to return and has been advertised to return to the blue brand. There was no mention of what exactly Hardy would be doing on the show.

You’d have to think he could be getting involved in some sort of WrestleMania feud. Vince feels older stars get more ratings and are more of a draw. So, Hardy will fit in nicely on SmackDown.

Meanwhile, Paige is said to be confronting Bayley. Paige has been out with a neck injury. However, there have been rumors of her being cleared for a return to the ring.

Last week, on SmackDown, Bayley talked about how she had faced everyone and beaten them all. This led to some speculation about who might she be facing at Mania. Many thought it would be Banks.

However, it appears those plans are off. Now, the rumors are there will be a six-woman match. Based on the roster, it looks like it will Bayley, Sasha, Lacey, Carmella, and Noami. Who’s left?

Alexa and Nikki Cross are said to be involved in the tag team title match. Fire and Desire are involved in the Otis story. Who’s left? Looks like it might be a return for Paige?  Could we see Paige in the ring one more time?

Let’s hope she’s healthy enough to make it happen. Or, she may have found someone to manage.

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