Uncle Howdy Strikes First Victim On SmackDown

Uncle Howdy Strikes First Victim On SmackDown WWE

At the end of the segment featuring Bray Wyatt on WWE SmackDown, a spooky reminder that Uncle Howdy is always watching!

As a segment with Bray Wyatt and another WWE star unfolded in the ring, an ominous reminder that Uncle Howdy is never far behind.

While Bray Wyatt and LA Knight seem to be engaging in Wyatt’s first feud since returning to WWE, a reminder of the other storyline that continues to run throughout Wyatt’s in-ring work.

After LA Knight (somewhat cowardly) sneakily slapped Bray Wyatt not once, but twice, and was escaping up the ramp, a reminder on the tron.

The image of Uncle Howdy flashed up on the tron screen, seemingly corresponding to the rough time that Bray Wyatt begins to totally disassociate and stare off into a void.

In a backstage segment, Howdy seemed to make a physical manifestation for the first time on WWE television.

LA Knight was seen leaving the arena in short order during which he was stopped by backstage interviewer Megan Morant to ask if he was jetting out because he was afraid of Wyatt.

While he turned to say something sassy to Morant, fans saw Uncle Howdy waiting for him just outside the arena door!

After the commercial break, WWE staff were seen attempting to remove copious items from having been piled atop a downed LA Knight who was the apparent victim of a well lit attack!

With Michael Cole on commentary adding, “Some would say, you shouldn’t poke the bear.”

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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