Major Update On Charlotte Flair WWE Absence

Major Update On Charlotte Flair WWE Absence WWE

Amid continued speculation due to the cancellation of a recent appearance, a major update on Charlotte Flair comes from two people close to her.

On Ric Flair’s ‘To Be The Man’ podcast, Flair has commented on what he knows about why Charlotte Flair has been missing from WWE television recently.

Flair said:

“To be very honest, I have no idea. She keeps everything to herself.

I know she’s talking to the company, but I don’t know any more than that.

If I did, I couldn’t tell you anyway. She doesn’t trust me to tell me anything because I can’t keep my mouth shut.”

Flair’s co-host and real life brother-in-law of Charlotte, Conrad Thompson added to the conversation, saying:

“Well, a lot of fans I know created a little bit of chatter because I guess there was an appearance she had that was canceled.

And I know Andrade said recently that she had some personal stuff that she was working on.

You and I know that physically, she’s fine. Emotionally, she’s fine. It’s her business to share.

But I guess what I wanted to sort of set the record straight on [is] there’s nothing wrong with Charlotte Flair. She’s just fine.”

Great news to hear that the exceptional Charlotte Flair is indeed, just fine!

To keep up with all the latest WWE news including in the event Flair makes the decision to share more about her recent absence, click here. 

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