Update On Unofficial WWE ‘Hiring Freeze’ Following Vince McMahon’s Return

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Update On Unofficial WWE ‘Hiring Freeze’ Following Vince McMahon’s Return CNBC

When Triple H took over as WWE’s head of creative in July 2022, many former WWE stars who were previously let go from the company were rehired.

However, following Vince McMahon’s return to the company in January 2023, no main roster hires have been publicly revealed, with the exceptions being names that were already signed by the company in 2022.

Recently, WWE missed out on Jay White, with him instead signing with AEW, debuting on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Since then, reports have claimed that WWE had reached out to White, but there was an issue in communication that lead to talks breaking down, and we may now know more about just what happened.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), several talent within WWE that spoke to Fightful have said that there is a ‘hiring freeze’ currently in the company, speculating everything from Vince McMahon’s return to a potential sale as the reasons.

None of the talent that Fightful have spoke to have been explicitly told that there is a hiring freeze, but it’s a term that has constantly emerged.

There have been reports of WWE being interest in many names, including Tama Tonga, Brian Cage, Jay White and the Authors of Pain.

Sources that spoke to Fightful indicated that AOP were in talks with WWE in 2022, prior to McMahon’s return.

The report also notes that Cage has some well respected supporters in the company pushing for him.

Another name that Fightful was told Triple H was high on was Nick Aldis, but he was one of multiple names left out in the cold when McMahon returned to the company, and all hires were put on hold.

As previously mentioned, WWE sources had indicated to Fightful that ‘communication’ was an issue on the company’s side which prevented them from landing Jay White.

Fightful has spoken to numerous talent who have said they have been contacted by WWE in 2023, though there have yet to be any main roster hires publicly announced or reported.

Multiple talents were reportedly told that, due to the impending sale, it was difficult to make things happen, and that there are also talent that were signed to the company in 2022 that have yet to even be used.

There has also been multiple talents on WWE’s radar that have had no contact from the company after the initial interest was shown, with the sudden departure of James Kimball being given as a reason for some of them, while others would have been over his head.

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