Was Vince McMahon Backstage At SmackDown Revealed (April 7)

2 months ago by SP3

Was Vince McMahon Backstage At SmackDown Revealed (April 7) CNBC

A new report has revealed if Vince McMahon is at tonight’s SmackDown.

Following McMahon returning to the helm of WWE creative on Monday’s Raw After Mania, many were wondering if the Executive Chairman will be present at tonight’s SmackDown in Portland, Oregon.

According to PWInsider Elite (via Cultaholic), McMahon is not in Portland for tonight’s show, but he did review the creative plans for the program remotely. McMahon made minor changes to the original script, but no major changes were made.

Ultimately, this has led to an improvement in the morale among the WWE roster. However, there is also still a “wait and see” attitude backstage.

The hope among talent is that Vince McMahon was only so influential on Monday’s show because he was in Los Angeles when the taping took place.

Some within WWE have the feeling if McMahon continues to review remains away but presides remotely, shows will be similar with how the company’s creative was running going into WrestleMania vs. the widely-criticized episode of Raw that aired on Monday, April 3.

There are also some who believe the internet reactions to all of this tend “to make everything 1000% worse than they actually are.”

We will have further updates on tonight’s SmackDown when they become available.

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