Vince McMahon ‘Really Liked’ Enzo Amore, Former WWE Star Recalls Working With Enzo

Vince McMahon ‘Really Liked’ Enzo Amore, Former WWE Star Recalls Working With Enzo

Enzo Amore closed out his WWE career with a run on 205 Live, and the recently released Ariya Daivari has recalled working with him.

Amore has a reputation for being pretty brash, but Daivari didn’t exactly think that was a bad thing.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, he said:

“At first, everyone was like, ‘He’s not a cruiserweight-type wrestler’ and wondered if it will work out. But, at the end of the day, Vince McMahon really, really liked Enzo despite what people say about him, or his attitude. Vince likes characters and promos, and Enzo was both of those.

“Vince was always going to make time for Enzo. Because we got to work with Enzo, we were allowed to close out Raw a few times and that was cool. Say what you want about him, the guy brought star power to 205 Live, and working with him was cool. When management cares about someone, it creates opportunities for others.

“He wasn’t selfish or anything, he was always coming up with ideas. He’s just a brash and in-your-face kind of guy, and that rubs people the wrong way sometimes. But I always got along with him.

“There’s a popular GIF always popping on my social media feeds. It’s the one with me, (Drew) Gulak, Tony (Nese), (Noam) Dar and Enzo all doing the Enzo dance. That was actually Enzo’s idea. He was like, ‘You guys do that with me in the ring and I assure you it’ll become a viral GIF’. And he was like, ‘Do it sh*tty, don’t do it like me.’

“Turns out he was right. He really had his finger on the pulse on what worked for his act, his character. He knew what his fans would like, and what would get a pop. He was a very creative person.”

Daivari himself was released by WWE on June 25.

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3 years ago by Liam Winnard


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