Vince McMahon ‘Has No Idea’ When WWE Will Return To Live Events

3 years ago by Tempest

Vince McMahon ‘Has No Idea’ When WWE Will Return To Live Events

Vince McMahon had a lot to say on today’s WWE investors call. One topic that was broached was when they would be able to run live events again. To little surprise, McMahon does not know.

The Wrestling Observer reported the news on Twitter.

“VKM has no idea when they can go live again. They have building holds and such, but has no inclination when it will be allowed again or how it will look when they do.”

It is a difficult question to try and answer as no one really knows when things are going to be back to normal. Some professionals are estimating a return in August while others are saying an 18-month wait is in our future. In short, no one knows for sure.

WWE has been operating out of the performance center since the March 13 episode of SmackDown. Since then, they have filmed virtually all their content in the building with no fans. This included WrestleMania 36, which marked the first time the event took place without an audience.

WWE is currently scheduled to produce the Money in the Bank pay per view on May 10.

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