Vince McMahon Era Rule ‘Effectively Dead’ Under Triple H

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Vince McMahon Era Rule ‘Effectively Dead’ Under Triple H WWE

Find out which Vince McMahon era ‘rule’ has been confirmed as ‘effectively dead’ under Triple H’s creative direction of WWE.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, they were able to confirm that at least one vestige of Vince McMahon was actually “dead” under the Levesque era of WWE creative.

Per their sources, they were able to confirm that the confusing “Brand to Brand Invitational” rule which saw the WWE brand split being able to be thwarted was ‘effectively dead’.

The original purpose of the rule was to explain the cross-brand appearances when both WWE Raw on USA Network and SmackDown on FOX had distinctly separate rosters.

While the rule was notably already absent from recent references on television, it was also noted in the report to be absent from creative conversation backstage as well.

While Vince McMahon made a noteworthy backstage appearance at a recent episode of WWE Raw, the creative team continues to roll down the Road to Triple H’s first WrestleMania at the helm of WWE.

While the exact WrestleMania 39 match order remains a mystery, you can check out what details are known about WrestleMania Saturday April 1 here and WrestleMania Sunday April 2 here.

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