Watch KSI React To Logan Paul WrestleMania Appearance (VIDEO)

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Watch KSI React To Logan Paul WrestleMania Appearance (VIDEO)

YouTube megastar KSI has reacted to Logan Paul appearing at WrestleMania last weekend and taking a Stunner from Kevin Owens.

Paul was ringside for Owens’ match against Sami Zayn and then ate a Stunner after Owens had picked up the win.

KSI complimented Paul’s sell of the Stunner and even compared it to The Rock, although his editor then showed possibly the least spectacular Stunner sell from The Rock ever.

Check out the clip here:

KSI reacts to Logan’s Paul WWE appearance from r/SquaredCircle

The two YouTubers have had two boxing matches, one amateur in August 2018 and one pro in November 2019, the former being a draw and the latter being a KSI win.

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