Find Out Which Team Will Have WarGames Advantage

Find Out Which Team Will Have WarGames Advantage WWE

On tonight’s edition (November 21) the main event hosted a big battle for a major advantage in the upcoming WarGames match.

While WWE’s premium live event Survivor Series Wargames is coming up this Saturday November 26, 2022, one team has already gained an advantage.

After Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss accompanied Asuka to the ring ahead of her big match at Survivor Series Wargames, Damage CTRL appeared in support of Rhea Ripley.

While the match progressed relatively without incident, in the final third as both teams descended upon the ring, it was anyone’s match to lose.

However without shenanigans, Rhea Ripley was able to hit a Rip Tide and pick up the pinfall victory for team Damage CTRL.

After the match, chaos ensued as there was a bit of a Survivor Series Wargames preview as all involved did battle at ringside after the match was over.

According to Bianca, their team will announce their fifth member on Friday night’s edition of SmackDown.

Elsewhere on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw, a star name checked Cody Rhodes with an AEW star responding, and a remixed theme song has caused fan controversy.

You can keep up with all the news from tonight’s edition of WWE Raw by clicking here. 

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