WrestleMania 34 Set Leaked?

WrestleMania 34 Set Leaked?

With Wrestlemania 34 just around the corner, rumors and supposed leaks are beginning to run riot all over social media.

The latest rumor, and we must first say that this is unconfirmed, comes from a tweet sent out by Twitter user @stagecreatorwwe, who claims to have leaked an image of the Wrestlemania 34 set being designed on a laptop.

Honestly, this looks a bit far-fetched. You’d have thought the design would have been completed ages ago, and why would it be on some random bloke’s laptop?

The source of this image is currently unknown, and this Twitter account has no reputation for past accurate leaks or rumors, so do please take this report with nine tablespoons of salt.

The only confirmed news regarding the Wrestlemania set is that Jason Robinson, who WWE have used to design ‘Mania sets in the past, is once again in charge of designing the set for this year’s show.

The supposed leaked image showing the set design for Wrestlemania 34

And speaking of sets, there is currently a rumor circulating that we could be in for a return of everyone’s favorite wrestler, Pyro Dude. By which I of course mean, the pyrotechnics (fireworks to you or I) which were banned due to safety concerns and cost, may be making a comeback for Wrestlemania.

It has been reported that this year’s set is unlikely to be as extravagant as last year’s but according to yet another unconfirmed source: “The use of fireworks and pyrotechnics are going to happen.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of both these rumors in the comments. Alternatively, let me know what you think on Twitter @TheBusterMc.

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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