Only Place Where WWE Vs. AEW Can Happen Revealed?

Only Place Where WWE Vs. AEW Can Happen Revealed? WWE/AEW

Former UFC fighter and pro wrestler Josh Barnett says Bloodsport is the only place where WWE vs. AEW can happen.

At Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X, the GCW-branded event featured stars from WWE, AEW, TNA and more.

The show run by Barnett saw WWE’s Shayna Baszler defeating TNA’s Masha Slamovich in one of the high profile matches. Despite being open to working with pretty much any promotion as of late, it is not likely that the two top wrestling companies in WWE and AEW will ever work together for an event at this time.

Responding to a fan asking for such a show and for Bryan Danielson vs. Charlie Dempsey specifically, Bloodsport promoter Josh Barnett quote tweeted and said:

Only place I can see this happening would be at Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport.

Dempsey made his Bloodsport debut at the April 4, 2024 event in a win over Matt Makowski. He went on to mention the win and style of the show on WWE NXT TV.

Meanwhile, Bryan Danielson is coming off the heels of highly regarded encounter against Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty. For the full results for the event, click here.

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