WWE Bans Iconic Move For Being ‘Too Dangerous’

2 months ago by Andy Datson

WWE Bans Iconic Move For Being ‘Too Dangerous’ WWE

How many times have we seen the Undertaker win matches with his iconic Tombstone Piledriver? I’m gonna say at least 10 times.

Well, it seems we may never see it in a WWE ring again, as Ronda Rousey has revealed the move has been banned in WWE.

Speaking on her Baddest Stream on YouTube show, she said:

“(The Tombstone Piledriver is) such a dangerous move, nobody else is allowed to do it. It’s basically a retired move.”

Most piledrivers in general have been banned in WWE for years, with The Undertaker presumably getting special permission to do the Tombstone because, well, he’s The Undertaker.

RIP Tombstone Piledriver.

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Aadam Aadam ocle

Tue, Sep 27, 03:36

What about kane? Hes not retired and from what i know of still has the capibility to return for another short run. One of his finishers was the tombstone piledriver. I wonder if WWE would give him special permission to use it if he was to return.


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