WWE Hall Of Famer Fought Vince McMahon To Get Iconic WrestleMania Match

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Fought Vince McMahon To Get Iconic WrestleMania Match WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer fought Vince McMahon’s creative decision to get a match that would go on to become an iconic WrestleMania encounter.

Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Natalya on Insight when the WWE star made the revelation about the lead-up to WrestleMania X.

She would reveal that Bret Hart had pushed for his brother Owen Hart to be his opponent, saying:

“A lot of people don’t know this, Bret was a huge catalyst for Owen getting a huge push in WWE.

“Vince McMahon, there was a different direction they were going to go with Bret that year, and it wasn’t with Owen.

“Bret stood up and said no, I want Owen to have this moment, to be a part of this match, I want him in this.

“I love that he stood up and fought for his brother, but the storyline was that they were fighting each other when Bret was creating this magical moment that has lived on forever when you think about great humans.

“Owen played the role of this bad guy, but he was such an amazing person.”

The feud between Bret and Owen Hart would run from Survivor Series in 1993 to early 1995, with the WrestleMania X match taking place in 1994 as the two faced each other for the first time.

The WrestleMania X match would see Owen victorious in the opening match of the main show before Bret would face and defeat Yokozuna for the WWF Championship.

Footage from the WrestleMania X main event can be seen below this news story.

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