Report: How Recent WWE Cuts Affected Backstage Crew

9 months ago by Liam Winnard

Report: How Recent WWE Cuts Affected Backstage Crew

A new report has provided an update on how all the recent WWE cuts have affected the backstage crew, specifically the camera crew.

As per Ringside News, which has had many WWE backstage reports confirmed by the likes of Dave Meltzer and Fightful recently, WWE cut down to having only one camera crew.

The problem with this is it obviously means there can’t be as many things being filmed at the same time, since there’s only one crew doing it.

It also leads to some issues with coordination and added pressure to try and get everything done.

One tenured member of the creative team reportedly told Ringside News the decision was “short-sighted” and “just puts more and more pressure on the writers and the backstage crew”.

Vince McMahon was said to be absent from last night’s SmackDown, but was still controlling the show via phone.

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