WWE Edits Sasha Banks Out Of Footage Of Paige’s 2017 Return

WWE Edits Sasha Banks Out Of Footage Of Paige’s 2017 Return WWE

Has WWE already begun to erase the existence of Sasha Banks from their history books, as a new clip celebrating Paige is fascinatingly edited.

An interesting note from an official WWE YouTube clip that went out today, completely eliminating Sasha Banks from having appeared in a major return angle with Paige, instead substituting footage of another former WWE star, Mickie James.

With Paige’s time with WWE coming to a close, the official WWE YouTube channel uploaded a video of the Top 10 Greatest Paige Moments which included her notable return in 2017.

However, fascinatingly WWE seems to have edited Sasha Banks entirely from this edit of the return, only including footage of IMPACT Wrestling star Mickie James reacting to Paige’s reappearance and completely cutting out any evidence Sasha Banks was there.

Sleuths don’t have to look far to see the original edit of the scene, originally uploaded to YouTube 4 years ago which heavily featured the stare down interaction between Paige and Sasha Banks, not really Mickie James as this Top 10 list clip suggests.

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1 year ago by Amanda Savage



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