WWE Star Announces She’s Pregnant

2 years ago by Nate

WWE Star Announces She’s Pregnant

Earlier tonight, it was announced we would see a major shift in a storyline heading into Elimination Chamber. Rumors were it was going to be in connection to Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evan’s storyline.

Given Lacey’s announcement on Raw tonight, there certainly appears to be a shift heading her way. Lacey announced she was pregnant during the middle of her tag match with Charlotte and Asuka.

Lacey didn’t take any bumps and refused all physical action during the match. She finally walked away and grabbed the microphone.

At this point, she stated she was pregnant. Ric Flair, who’s been in her corner, started dancing as though the child was his.

Many assumed this was just storyline fodder. If it was, why would you announce you’re pregnant and possibly have to give up your title shot?

However, WrestlingInc. is now reporting she is legitimately pregnant and WWE just learned about it today. Evans will be out of her match this Sunday.

Congratulations to Lacey Evans on her pregnancy.

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