Ex-WWE Star Says Stephanie McMahon Wouldn’t Change His Vulgar Name

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Ex-WWE Star Says Stephanie McMahon Wouldn’t Change His Vulgar Name WWE

The Ruthless Aggression era of WWE had many talents that debuted and disappeared without leaving much of a mark in the company.

Mordecai, Gymini, Kizarny to name a few, another pair of individuals you could throw into that discussion is James and Chad Dick, known collectively as… wait for it… The Dicks.

While any amount of success with that name would have been a minor miracle, the chippendale-inspired tag-team didn’t last long in WWE, debuting in October 2005 and being released five months later.

One half of the duo has now discussed their brief stint in the company on the Cheap Heat Podcast.

James Dick – or Tank Toland as he has been known since, would reveal how the vulgar team name came to be and the surprising name that was behind the entire thing.

Toland would reveal that none other than Stephanie McMahon would pitch the name to the pair, not budging on the name and it’s rather on the nose spelling despite resistance from Toland.

Toland revealed:

“I was like, ‘Steph, can we at least spell it Dix?’ and she’s like, ‘No, it’s gotta be the correct spelling.’

“I was like, ‘All right.’ She’s like, ‘It’s gonna be Chad Dick and you’re gonna be James Dick.’ I was like, ‘All right, I guess I’m gonna be James Dick.'”

“It wasn’t John Dick, which is my real name, because there’s already John Cena, John Bradshaw.

My whole thing was why couldn’t you have called me Tank Dick? I just don’t get it. Tank Dick would have at least been cool, like Tank Dick, you know? But yeah, so it is what it is.”

Toland wrestled on the independent scene in the years following his release from WWE for promotions such as ROH and Ohio Valley Wrestling, however he has not competed since 2019.

Transcription via SEScoops

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