How Much Do You Know About WWE Survivor Series?

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Survivor Series

How Much Do You Know About WWE Survivor Series?

Think you'd be the sole survivor in a WWE Survivor Series quiz? Well here's your chance to prove it.

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Since the first Survivor Series show in 1987, how many time has a Survivor Series match not been the main event (excluding cash-ins)?

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In which year did the Undertaker make his televised WWF debut at Survivor Series?

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Who has eliminated the most people in Survivor Series match history?

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How many times has there been a "clean sweep" (when one team wins without losing a single team member) in a Survivor Series match?

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In which year was the longest ever men's Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown match, clocking in at over 50 minutes?

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Alongside Randy Orton, who else has been the Sole Survivor in three Survivor Series matches?

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The first two Survivor Series shows were held in which US state?

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On how many occasions has Survivor Series been held outside the USA?

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Who has been on the most Survivor Series winning teams in history?

Survivor Series

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Who did Roman Reigns pin to win the NXT vs. SmackDown vs. Raw Survivor Series match in 2019?

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