WWE SmackDown – September 25, 2020 (Revieiw)

WWE SmackDown – September 25, 2020 (Revieiw)

This episode, being the go home episode for Clash of Champions this Sunday, had a lot of stakes. Not only did it have to make you want to tune in this Sunday, it also had to build on the great closing angle last week between Roman and Jey Uso.

The Roman Reigns and Jey Uso storyline is one of the best that SmackDown has had in a very longtime, you could even go as far to say that it is the reason to put on the show every week. But was it worth it this week?

Lets get on with the review then and find out.

The Best of SmackDown

Nakamura vs. Metalik 

The pure wrestling talent in the ring during this match is very hard to be matched. These two men could be some of the most talented wrestlers in the company, if WWE decided to utilize them properly.

With great action, Metalik giving great flip dives and slingshot dives, the match was short but worth watching. Nakamura gets the win by hitting a knee to the back of Metalik’s head, followed by a Kinshasa.

The go home angle, if you will, went on after the match however. During the match, Cesaro goes in and attacks Dorado after he, Dorado, goes in to check on Metalik and Kalisto does nothing. After the match Dorado and Metalik leave Kalisto in the ring by himself. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on the tag match this coming Sunday.

Bliss vs. Evans

Following up on the Sister Abigail that Alexa Bliss gave Lacey Evans last week, the two have a pretty decent match with Evans dominaating much of the match. Bliss, after the commercial break begins fighting back by almost going for a Sister Abigail but stops herself. Evans gains the control again by attempting a moonsault and missing.

Then, the lights cut red and the Fiend’s music hits. This calls Bliss to fully loose it, screaming and attacking. She was DQ’d then for hitting normal wrestling rules, but while crazed? The DQ’d didn’t really make sense but that didn’t take away from how great the angle was.

Following the DQ, Alexa hits a Sister Abigail on Evans. The Fiend comes on the screen and says let me in. This Bliss/Fiend storyline is still one of the most interesting things happening on the blue brand right now. Now all we’re waiting for is when the two finally interact with each other in person

Roman Reigns Promo 

If you asked someone a year ago what the best thing on an episode of SmackDown was, they definitely would not be saying a Roman Reigns promo. That is no longer the case. Reigns cuts this great promo about how Jey Uso would never know what to do with the Universal Title, that he is nothing more than a twin. He says that even though he is part of the greatest tag team in the world, he will never be the Tribal Chief, and thats’s what he is.

Uso then asks why, why can’t it be him? Why can’t he be the one that the family depends on? Uso then leaves the ring, and on the ramp Reigns knocks him out with the Superman Punch.

Reigns then cuts an even better promo, while holding Uso’s knocked out head. He screams saying that he can provide for the whole family, that not even Uso’s kids need him. All Jey is going to be bringing home is the ass whooping Reigns gives him and a paycheck, not Reigns’ title or his spot on the top of the family. A great main event, for what is looking to be an even better main event at Clash of Champions this Sunday.

The Worst of SmackDown

Bayley’s Promo 

Bayley comes down to the ramp carrying a chair which she then sits on at the top of the ramp. She starts cuts a promo, starting with how she no longer needs Sasha Banks, and then switches the focus to Nikki Cross.

She talks about how she’s going to slap the smile off of Cross’ face, threatens her with the chair, and then says she can’t imagine how much further she’ll go.

While this was not a bad promo by any means, it is not strong for a go home angle to a match that barely has any build. Nikki wasn’t even on this episode and I don’t think we’ve seen the two interact since Cross was named the number one contender.

Corbin vs. Riddle

This is a match that we’ve seen so many times, in so many different forms. It was a decent enough match, with Corbin giving a lot of the offense. After a couple of brutal punches, Riddle plays dead and hits the ripcord knee to take back control.

With a could more big hitting moves, Corbin ends the match by hitting the End of Days to pick up the win.

This feud is getting old and tired. This might be the punishment that Riddle is getting due to the #SpeakingOut drama, but if that was the case, they may as well just keep him off the show rather than giving the viewers the same match over and over again.

Overall Rating for the Show (From best to worst: Smacknificent, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in the Face)

While this wasn’t an awful of episode of SmackDown, it was really lacking as a go home show for a pay per view.

Seeing that the opening match of the show was a three-way match between the three men having a three-way match this Sunday, there was no real build for Cross and Bayley, and one of the best angles on the show was the Bliss/Fiend part and she is not on the card at all for this Sunday, this episode wasn’t the biggest sendoff.

This episode is another Smack Bang in the Middle. It was really improved by the Roman Reigns promo and the Bliss match/follow-up, the lack of build for this Sunday brought it down a bit.

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