10 Worst Cody Rhodes Moments In AEW

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Worst Cody Rhodes Moments In AEW AEW

Man Cody Rhodes was one of the best babyfaces in wrestling… until he wasn’t. Yeah the story of Cody Rhodes in AEW is a fascinating one given that during the company’s first year on television Cody was one of the very best, churning out great segment after great segment. The contract signing with Chris Jericho, the un-goddamn deniable promo, the 10 lashes, the moonsault off the cage, the man was on fire, well, no actually that came later but you get the point.

But over time Cody Rhodes grew less bearable to a large amount of the AEW audience whether it be because of a distaste for reality TV shows or maybe they didn’t like the Cody Solved Racism promo, bottom line, people didn’t like Cody no more. Thus the last year of Cody in AEW produced a large number of dud segments which for the sake of parody with our last list, we must list here.

Not all the moments come from Cody’s last 12 months but rest assured these were all moments to erase from your memory as Cody makes his climb back to the 5th dimension.

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