10 Worst WrestleMania Main Events Ever

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Worst WrestleMania Main Events Ever WWE

It’s been said before, by me no less, so you know this is right, that the main event of WrestleMania is the most important wrestling match of the year. No other match is tasked with making as much money, compelling as many PPV purchases, or getting as many people from as many different places into one building.

You could argue that over the years, the WrestleMania experience as a whole has become more of a draw than any single match, but you wouldn’t know from how WWE are treating this year’s. The main event of Night 2 has A LOT going on, Reigns vs Lesnar 3, Title vs Title, Winner Take All, Winner Take PAUL, Tribe vs Ponytail, God vs Titan and I’m pretty sure the loser will be taken out back of the At&T Stadium and shot. I think it’s in the contract.

And by rights it should be good, ever since Mania went to 2 nights all the main events have been stellar; Boneyard, McIntyre/Brock, Belair/Banks, Edge/Bryan/Reigns, which got us thinking about all those times when the biggest and most important wrestling match of the year has been a bit… pants.

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