5 Predictions For NJPW In 2021

2 years ago by Sonal Lad

5 Predictions For NJPW In 2021

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annual Wrestle Kingdom event officially started 2021 for the company. After an uncertain 2020, many are hoping that 2021 is different.

However, the pandemic is continuing to cause chaos for people across the world and leaves unknowns for New Japan.

However, with new champions crowned and storylines set for the upcoming months, the year for NJPW seems even more exciting.

With some of the best wrestlers in the world, the company will make sure to continue putting on fantastic shows for their fans.

Here is a look at five predictions for what could happen in New Japan in 2021!

5. Hiroyoshi Tenzan Retirement

As much as we hate to think about it, retirement is just an inevitable part of wrestling. In 2020, we had to bid a farewell to the legend that is Jushin Thunder Liger. However, after the fallout of Wrestle Kingdom and New Year’s Dash, one name seems more likely than others. After being beaten by the Empire on January 6, Hiroyoshi Tenzan may be starting to wind down on his illustrious career.

Since starting his days as a Young Lion in 1991, Tenzan has been a vital member of the roster. He has achieved a lot of success in the company. Most impressively, he currently holds the record for most IWGP tag title reigns by an individual wrestler at 12.

If he did choose to retire, he would be following fellow third-generation member Manabu Nakanishi who also retired last year. Over the past few months, fans have seen a change in Tenzan’s role within New Japan as he has competed in fewer matches and taken a mentor role for the returning Master Wato. It is very different from his fellow 3G wrestlers Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima.

For many fans, it would be sad to see Tenzan retire. However, as Liger has proved, even though someone may retire, they will always be part of the New Japan family whether working behind the scenes or training the future talent.

4.  Hiromu Takahashi in the G1

For the past few years, double title fever has been sky-high. Last year, Tetsuya Naito accomplished his desire to hold both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles and Shingo Takagi held both NEVER belts.

However, one person’s goal has been pushed to the background. That person is Hiromu Takahashi’s who wants to hold both the IWGP Jr and Heavyweight titles at the same time.

For that to happen, surely fans will see Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Ticking Time Bomb in the G1. Since its conception, it has not been unheard of for Jrs to take part in the tournament and two years ago, Will Ospreay went in as Jr Champion. He is also not the first Jr to want to hold both belts, with the last being Prince Devitt.

The G1 is not only the best place to try and get that title show, but it is going to be great for fans too. After his showing in last year’s New Japan Cup, where he beat two heavyweights, the possibility for dream matches is endless. It would be amazing to see another bout between Hiromu and Ishii and even the dream match against Naito that we did not see last March.

3. El Desperado wins the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title


During the past few years, El Desperado has been slowly rising the ranks of the Jr division. When he returned from his excursion in 2013, Desperado has shined whether as a singles competitor or part of his tag team with Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Now seems like the perfect time for New Japan to take the plunge and give Desperado a chance to hold the IWGP Jr Heavyweight title.

El Desperado has everything. He is a talented and diverse wrestler challenging all the stereotypes people have for a Jr wrestling with a more brutal and mat-based offence. He is also one of the best wrestlers on the microphone with his charisma and chemistry with his opponents.

On top of all of that, he has produced some sublime matches. It included his bout against Hiromu during the final of last year’s Best of Super Jr tournament which many called MOTY.

It seems like now is the perfect time for El Desperado to take his place at the top of the Jr division. He will bring something new to the title and the freshness that fans have seen with all of his tag title defences. It would also be nice to see a fresh face in the Jr title picture after years of the same people holding the belt interchangeably.

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