8 NJPW Best of Super Junior Participants Who Made The Successful Move to Heavyweight

4 months ago by Sonal Lad


7. Ricochet

Credit: NJPW1972

Ricochet made his debut in NJPW in 2013 after being announced as a participant for the BoSJ tournament. After making an impact with a 5-3 win record, fans instantly took a shine to Ricochet. He became a regular in 2015, appearing in several shows across the year. During this time, he achieved success in the tag division.

Yet, Ricochet will be remembered most for his matches with Will Ospreay. The duo gained attention from fans worldwide for their epic bout during the 2016 tournament. While some criticised it for being a flippy match without storytelling, others were mesmerised by the action inside the ring.

Like Prince Devitt, Ricochet’s move to the heavyweight division didn’t happen until he moved to WWE. After it was announced in January 2018 that Ricochet had signed with NXT, he made his debut fighting men much bigger than NJPW’s Jr division. He gained huge success and, despite issues in booking, made an impact in both NXT and the main roster, being a multiple-time champion.


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