9 Stars We Could See On The Cover Of WWE 2K23

2 weeks ago by Ryan Coogan

9 Stars We Could See On The Cover Of WWE 2K23 WWE/2K Games

What’s the greatest accolade a WWE performer can be given during the course of his or her career?

A Royal Rumble win? Pfft, no thank you.

The opportunity to main event WrestleMania? A pittance, reserved for losers and morons.

Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame? Maybe if you’re a tiny little baby with absolutely no ambition whatsoever.

No, the real ones know that there’s only one ultimate prize in sports entertainment: being featured as the cover star of a WWE video game.

With rumors swirling that the next WWE 2K game could be announced in just a few weeks time at this month’s Royal Rumble, it’s worth asking the question: who will WWE choose to act as its version of Sonic the Hedgehog in 2023?

Here are a few stars we could see grace the cover of the next WWE video game:


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