6 AEW Babyface Stars To Turn Heel Soon

6 AEW Babyface Stars To Turn Heel Soon AEW

For all the criticism AEW has found itself receiving in recent years, one thing that’s hard to deny is the strength of its babyface stars.

From Hangman Page back in 2021, Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed, MJF and most recently Swerve Strickland – the company has consistently had beloved babyfaces.

Strickland and MJF were an example of heels that were too over to continue in that role further, making their babyface turn an organic change rather than a jarring one as many turns can end up being.

And when looking at the AEW roster, I’d argue there are actually more heel stars who should turn face than the other way around – which is certainly a rare especially when comparing to WWE.

However, that’s not to say that their aren’t plenty of current babyfaces in need of a change. So let’s get started and being our list of six AEW babyfaces to turn heel in the near future.

6. Max Caster

AEW stars The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass

Starting off with a team I just mentioned as one of AEW’s very best, organic babyface acts – The Acclaimed but more specifically Platinum Max Caster.

Yes, we’re starting off big and bold by proposing the split of one of AEW’s most beloved teams, but all good things must come to an end and I feel like there is enough potential in both Caster and Bowens as singles guys to make this work.

Out of the two, it’s obvious that Caster is the natural heel. As seen by some of his social media activity he has no problem playing the bad guy, and has proven effective in the role before.

Bowens on the other hand is an easy guy to root for, and is most certainly an underrated worker who could put on solid matches as a singles guy against anyone on the roster.

The easy way to make this happen is for Caster to target Daddy Ass, perhaps even be the one to finally retire him. Easy peasy way to draw some severe heat and trigger a top feud between the two former partners.

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3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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