Botchamania: Botches of the Week #22

4 years ago by WrestleTalk

Botchamania: Botches of the Week #22


1. What the hell (IN A CELL) was that

I love Foley but his appearance in Hell In A Cell was there to plug his Network Special and nothing else, as the poor guy’s body is falling apart like a prisoner’s wall. Never mind bumps, Mick struggled with counting, managing to count three a few minutes into the main event. Luckily the commentators were able to cover up the gaff by OH WAIT Graves drew attention to it and mocked him, my bad.

2. Lol-up

I think it’s important to have variety on a wrestling show. At Hell In A Cell you had hardcore with Orton & Hardy, great spotfest with The Shield & Dogs Of War and also comedy with Bella & Maryse.

At least this kind of women’s wrestling is the exception and not the rule to WWE so it’s OK to point and laugh. At least that’s what I tell myself.

3. Ring Worried-About-Getting-A-Second-Season

Ring Warriors just started airing on WGN America. Well the first episode aired, unsure how long it will last after this godawful kerfuffle ended Santana Garrett vs Desi Derata.

4. Typo Negative




As soon as video editing software starts including spellcheck, I’ll be out of a job.

5. Rusev MAXTED

Nice guy Adam Maxted sent to this to me minutes before I typed this up so he gets a plug and a link for making my life easier for being comfortable in his success to send me this video.

I’ve been Maffew, have a great week until next week.


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