WWE 2K19 – 3 major improvements made from last year

WWE 2K19 – 3 major improvements made from last year

If you’re at all into both pro-wrestling and video games, I’d hazard a guess that you’re aware of 2K’s series of WWE-centric grapple sims. WWE games have been releasing since what seems like time immemorial, although they’ve come in many forms since. The current incarnation of WWE game is a largely simulation focused affair, allowing for fairly deep customization and set-ups, and often forgoing slightly more ‘arcadey’ style gameplay mechanics in favor of a more realistic experience. The issue however, is that like plenty of sports games, 2K releases what is essentially exactly the same product every single year with very few upgrades, and often recycling a large number of assets.

Regardless, the games still sell, year upon year, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see any huge changes until that stops. Even with the apparently brilliant Fire Pro Wrestling World on the market, there aren’t really any legitimate competitors. That said, I was legitimately surprised this year when I booted up the game on my PS4 and saw what was actually on offer this time. 2K19 is quite possibly the best WWE game we have had in a very long time, and whist yes, it is very much still a 2K WWE game, there have been some major improvements made since last year. Definitely a step in the right direction, and maybe even a stride.

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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