WWE RAW Live Coverage!

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

1:00 am – Raw kicks off with a tribute to Bruno Sammartino, a very touching video package for a legend of the business.

1:07 am –  WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar is here and is making his way to the ring. Making his first appearance since WrestleMania 34!

This appearance is costing WWE $100,000 if reports are to be believed – how many word will Brock utter to be paid that much?

1:14 am – Brock Lesnar is actually getting booed by the audience! I repeat, Brock Lesnar is actually getting booed by the audience!

1:20 am – Paul Heyman is just great. This promo is a great way to start Raw, makes us hate Brock and has turned the fans in attendance against Lesnar. Personally after this promo I am looking forward to the WWE Universal Championship match on Friday.

Also, out comes Roman Reigns! First face-to-face confrontation between Lesnar and Reigns since WrestleMania.

1:27 am – Roman Reigns claims he is walking out with the Universal Championship come this Friday. And now it’s one of the many advert breaks… YAY!

1:29 am – We return to a concert with Elias. But it’s interrupted by Bobby Roode – we are about to have the first match of the night. Roode vs Elias. Do you walk with Elias? or are you Glorious like Roode?

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