10 Potential First Winners Of The WWE Speed Championship

10 Potential First Winners Of The WWE Speed Championship WWE

As recently announced by WWE, the company’s first-ever social media exclusive wrestling program: WWE Speed, is set to launch on Wednesday, April 3.

While Speed itself has been in the works since late last year, many new details have now been learned – with the concept itself receiving some tweaks in the process.

Previously, the concept was due to see superstars compete in matches of up to five minutes in length, however, now that has been changed to just three minutes per bout.

And most excitedly, WWE Speed is also set to receive its very own championship belt, with a tournament being held to determine who will be crowned the inaugural WWE Speed Champion.

While there hasn’t yet been details released regarding competitors in the tournament, we’ve decided to speed on ahead if you will and pick out 10 potential winners from WWE’s roster. Beginning with…

10. Ricochet

If you’re talking about Speed… Well, is there anyone else to start with than WWE’s highlight reel Ricochet.

Although Speed isn’t going to specifically feature cruiserweight type performers, the promise of high octane action does provide an opportunity for those that fit that ilk to thrive.

Ricochet seems like a no brainer to appear on the show, not only due to his style but also the fact he hasn’t been doing a massive amount on TV in recent months.

Sure, his fortunes have turned around recently with some big wins over JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio of The Judgment Day, but that doesn’t seem to be putting him much closer to winning championships.

Becoming the inaugural Speed Championship would give the title some legitimacy off the bat and finally give The One and Only a prize around his waist once more.

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3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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