9 WWE Stars Surprisingly Set To Miss WrestleMania 40

9 WWE Stars Surprisingly Set To Miss WrestleMania 40 WWE

While the biggest names’ spots are usually solidified, for everyone else on the WWE roster WrestleMania is far from a sure thing.

While circumstances differ as to why stars miss out, it’s always a bummer when top names get shunned and lumped into battle royals rather than properly built bouts. Especially when there was potential for a meaningful inclusion.

So, with that said we’re going to analyse the roster and pick out the nine most surprising omissions from WrestleMania 40. Importantly this will be focusing on stars without current angles that seem like they’re being built to Mania matches.

Case in point the LWO & Legado Del Fantasma and Dominik Mysterio situation, Final Testament and The Pride and whatever is being built between Bianca Belair, Naomi and Damage CTRL.

This is being written on Tuesday, March 26 and the card is far from finalised so there is always a chance a few of these names could make it, but for the most part it seems as if these eight choices are set to sit on the sidelines instead of compete in Philly.

9. Andrade

As a recently returning name to WWE, I think many would have perhaps expected to have seen more of Andrade on TV than we have since the Royal Rumble.

Clearly the long game is being played rather than a big push right out the gate, with some kind of angle being built involving The Judgment Day and specifically Dominik Mysterio.

But even that went without any progression on this week’s Raw, so who knows whether that will lead to a Mania match or not for Mr. El Idolo.

Andrade’s placement on the periphery of the list is largely due to him perhaps being the most likely to make it on, perhaps as a part of the big LWO and Legado feud.

Perhaps Dom will attempt to recruit Andrade to the Legado team, only for Andrade to instead join the LWO’s ranks. Or perhaps Andrade will turn heel and do the opposite. Either way there is an avenue there, so hopefully it happens.

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4 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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