Adam Cole Bothered When People Call NXT ‘WWE Developmental’

Adam Cole Bothered When People Call NXT ‘WWE Developmental’

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, former Undisputed Era member Adam Cole has spoken about being annoyed when people call NXT the “developmental” brand of WWE.

The former NXT Champion acknowledged that there is an “aspect” to NXT which is developmental, but notes that people being brought into NXT are on the “same level” as those on the main roster:

“It bothers me a lot, to some extent though. I always try to be a glass half-full guy in a lot of ways. Of course, there is an aspect to NXT, or The Performance Center, where of course, there is developmental. There are people who get hired with wrestling experience, with no wrestling experience, and it’s the process of hopefully getting to that point where they end up on NXT Television. But to say the roster of the guys who are on NXT every single week, as far as developmental goes, I really do believe that we are on the same level as the guys on RAW and the guys on SmackDown.

“The process of development though is something that happens all the time. I’ve been wrestling for over 13 years, and I’m constantly developing. I don’t ever want to get out of developmental. It’s so cool for me to be around guys like Shawn Michaels, HHH, or Matt Bloom, whom they themselves are open to admitting that they’re still learning. If those guys are open about learning, we definitely better be open to it. I’ve always kept that mentality. I’ve always kept that thought process. If I’m not getting better every single year, every single match, then I have to get out of it. I’m proudly developing in that sense.”

It is unfair to label NXT as just a developmental brand. The TakeOver events that NXT has put on throughout the years have been highly regarded as some of the best wrestling shows in history, with some of the best WWE matches ever.

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Thanks to Ringside News for the transcription.

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