Daniel Garcia Beats Bryan Danielson At Fight For The Fallen

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Daniel Garcia Beats Bryan Danielson At Fight For The Fallen AEW

In a wild match to close out AEW Dynamite Fight for the Fallen tonight (July 27) the American Dragon was back!

Bryan Danielson made his return to AEW in-ring action against Daniel Garcia in a hard fought battle that had plenty of frightening spots.

With Danielson selling a continued impact of his reported concussion (dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring at one point), Garcia showed off his brutal side as he gave zero consideration while throwing Danielson’s head into the steel steps and laying him out with a DDT after exposing concrete outside the ring.

Danielson’s made good on his pledge to kick Garcia’s head off, with a huge running knee off the ring apron, but after dropping the big knee, on his way back into the ring he was grabbed by a mysterious black clothed arm/glove.

Back in the ring, Garcia had Danielson in such a Sharpshooter that while Danielson didn’t tap out, he did lose consciousness and deliver Garcia the win.

After the match, it was revealed the mysterious arm belonged to Jake Hager who celebrated in the ring with Garcia and Jericho who joined from his previous station on commentary for the match.

The episode ended with Daniel Garcia standing tall and Danielson still passed out in the ring.

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