AEW Name Reveals ‘Heartbroken’ Reaction To Cody Rhodes’ AEW Exit

3 months ago by Jamie Toolan

AEW Name Reveals ‘Heartbroken’ Reaction To Cody Rhodes’ AEW Exit AEW

While Cody Rhodes’ AEW tenure seems almost like a distant memory considering his impending WrestleMania main event, his exit from Tony Khan’s company still feels hard to believe a year later.

After all, Cody was a founding member of AEW and an Executive Vice President of the company along with Kenny Omega and Matt and Nick Jackson.

Cody’s influence over his AEW peers and relationships he built during his time in the company are well documented, however now another important AEW name has revealed her reaction to his exit.

AEW’s in-house seamstress Sandra Grey, who previously worked for both WCW and WWE was recruited to the company by Cody himself, which is why upon hearing of his departure, she took the news particularly hard.

Speaking to ‘The A2TheK Wrestling Show‘, Grey would detail her relationship with Rhodes upon arriving in AEW and her reaction to his exit.

She said:

“When he brought me to AEW, that was a really big deal because he didn’t hesitate. It was like ‘This is gonna be your department.'”

“So the day that he left, I was on my way somewhere in the airport,”

“and it literally made me cry. I was so upset and just heartbroken, the fact that he wouldn’t be there anymore.”

Grey, would add that despite the sadness at seeing Cody leave for WWE, she’s “super proud of him for headlining WrestleMania.”

Transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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