AEW Revolution 2nd Most Successful PPV In AEW History

AEW Revolution 2nd Most Successful PPV In AEW History

In the age of streaming services, pay-per-view buys are much lower and therefore less important than they once were, but they’re still a good metric to judge how successful a show is.

As a result, it looks as though the March 6 AEW Revolution PPV was the second most successful AEW PPV of all-time, at least in terms of PPV buys.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave a rundown of the latest PPV numbers for AEW Revolution.

“Real big late buys, so the number we talked about last week, it’s probably very low compared to what the real number’s gonna be. What I have seen of the systems I have actual numbers for is it’s up 14% from the last time I talked about it, which is a pretty big up, and that’s as of the weekend.

“Easily number two now. Before, it was like, ‘It’s probably number two but not necessarily’. Now, yeah. Number two, and probably minimum 165,000-ish. Probably 165,000-170,000, in that range. Real big number, real successful.”

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AEW’s biggest show of all-time in terms of PPV buys was All Out 2021, which saw 205,000 people buy the show.

You can check out all of AEW’s PPV buy-rates right here.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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