AEW Star’s Humorous Response To ‘Jobber’ Question

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Star’s Humorous Response To ‘Jobber’ Question AEW

An AEW star has responded to a question from a fellow roster member about the popularity of the ‘jobbers’ on social media.

Ryan Nemeth recently shared screenshots, highlighting the high number of viewers that the “AEW Dark wrestlers (who don’t win)” get compared to some of those on the main roster.

With his chosen examples outstripping other members of the AEW roster by a considerable amount, Nemeth received a quote Tweet reply from his fellow jobber, Sonny Kiss, who wrote:

“We, the #AEWDark wrestlers aka “jobbers”, are very much just as popular and talented as the main roster stars. We’re just systematically not supposed to be. 😏”

Adding clarity to the comment, Kiss expanded on the point, saying:

“For clarification, I wasn’t calling us jobbers (hence the quotes) Just perception of us for some.

“I’m also saying that the system isn’t put into place for a lot of us to equally thrive & gain more of an audience/brand because some signed #AEWDark wrestlers aren’t at work weekly.”

A fan would suggest that Nemeth “gave himself all 300K of those views” in question, which would lead Kiss to point out:

“Haha! NAH, RyRy is a hunkalicious STAR ⭐️”

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