AEW Star Turns Heel On AEW Dark

2 years ago by Tempest

AEW Star Turns Heel On AEW Dark

From time to time we get something newsworthy on AEW Dark to remind you to tune in. This week, a featured star turned heel once again. That star was Allie.

Weeks have passed since Eddie Kingston told The Blade that he needed to get his family right on Dynamite. For a while, nothing came of this until last night. Allie turned on the Nightmare Family to join Eddie Kingston’s family, reuniting with her husband.

Allie had joined All Elite Wrestling prior to the arrival of The Butcher and The Blade. She was presented as a babyface and was involved in a feud with Brandi Rhodes with the two facing off at Fight for the Fallen last year.

However, when The Butcher and The Blade debuted after Full Gear, she turned heel and joined them as The Bunny. This lasted until Allie randomly began interacting with QT Marshall, a move not appreciated by Brandi or Dustin Rhodes.

Allie and Brandi competed together in the AEW Deadly Draw tournament, reaching the final before losing to Ivelisse and Diamante. Now, that partnership appears to be over.

Eddie Kingston appears set to challenge Jon Moxley once again for the AEW World Championship, so he may find use for having another person in his corner.

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