AEW Name Slaps Back At ‘Not Worth A F**k’ Tony Khan Critics

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Name Slaps Back At ‘Not Worth A F**k’ Tony Khan Critics AEW

An AEW name has slapped back at critics of AEW President Tony Khan, calling him “such a great person” who “loves the wrestling business.”

Speaking on the What Happened When podcast, AEW commentator Tony Schiavone addressed what it was like working for Khan, saying:

“Tony is very demanding as a boss. It makes, at times, the week very difficult.

“But, listen, wrestling has always been difficult behind the scenes.

“It’s never been easy, so Tony can be as demanding as a boss can be.

“But, because he’s such a great person, such a genuine person, and loves the wrestling business, and takes care of his people, it’s worth it working for him.

“It’s worth the stress that we go to getting the show on because of the person that he is.”

Working so closely with Khan, to the point where Schiavone has been called his “right-hand man”, has clearly given the legendary voice of wrestling an insight that many fans can’t possibly share.

It’s with this insight that Schiavone would criticize the fans of AEW who take issue with Tony Khan, saying:

“I know a lot of people give Tony a hard time, but the people who give Tony a hard time — basically online — are as human beings not worth a f**k.”

Schiavone is a commentator and interviewer on AEW Dynamite and services in a Senior Producer and Special Advisor to Talent role behind the scenes.

In this role, which he took in 2022, he helps with organizational aspects and fills any gaps behind the scenes that he notices.

He has been part of AEW since the company was created in 2019.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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