Real Reason ROH Didn’t Land TV Deal Revealed?

Real Reason ROH Didn’t Land TV Deal Revealed? AEW

Further details have emerged regarding the status of ROH’s television after it was recently revealed weekly shows would air on Honor Club.

It seemed Khan was looking for a TV deal that never came to fruition, and the Honor Club announcement was viewed by many as a setback.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer explains:

“It should be noted since there are questions about the ROH deal and if Khan shopped it outside of WBD.

“The strong belief is that it was not shopped outside WBD, although there is no contractual reason he couldn’t as ROH is a separate company from AEW.”

Looking at the current state of play for AEW, Meltzer reported:

“Right now the feeling seems to be to stay loyal to WBD for the very important next round of negotiations, which could take place either this year or next year, and have all the different programming ideas which could include reality shows and the possibility of an all women’s show, All Elite Women, as part of a major new deal, depending on what the sides could come to term with.

“At this point WBD has not picked up any of the new ideas past the reality show that is being filmed now.

“They had planned a reality show for 2022 with the second season of “Rhodes to the Top,” but with Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving, that project was shelved and they just started filming the new show which publicly has not been given a public name, in recent months.”

Looking towards the end of the current AEW/WBD deal, Meltzer explains:

AEW’s four-year deal with WBD expires at the end of 2023.

“WBD has an option year for Dynamite and probably Rampage which is believed to have a price escalator as part of the option, so it’s possible major new deal negotiations won’t happen until 2024 and they would need a new deal for 2025.”

This loyalty to WBD could go some way to explaining why a TV deal wasn’t landed elsewhere.

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2 years ago by Dave Adamson


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