Apollo Crews Talks What Kind Of Heel He Wants To Be

Apollo Crews Talks What Kind Of Heel He Wants To Be

Apollo Crews had a more eventful 2020 than he has had since arriving on the main roster. Winning the United States Championship and feuding with the Hurt Business has been the highlight of his main roster run, but he is still looking to the future.

After losing the title to Bobby Lashley, Crews began exhibiting a more heelish side of himself. He was attacking the Hurt Business unprovoked after matches and it seemed like we might see Crews finally turn heel. However, not much has come of it since.

Now, Crews has opened up about the kind of heel he would want to be, electing to be more methodical than just crazy. Here is the quote from Crews’ interview on Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

“I would love to. I’m not one of them that would just destroy things; I’d want to be the more thought out one. I wouldn’t be the guy who comes out throwing stuff. I like the thought out and methodical ones. My tone may change a little, but you’ll know that ‘Oh, man, this dude is serious.'”

Apollo Crews has been on the WWE main roster since 2016, debuting after WrestleMania 32. The U.S. Title was his first championship since signing with the company.

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