Big E Gets Philosophical About His Dating Life

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Big E Gets Philosophical About His Dating Life

Big E has came up with a pretty solid theory as to why he’s still single.

A guest on Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, the current Intercontinental Champion noted that he doesn’t tend to seek romantic relationships, theorising that his upbringing taught him to be independent.

Referencing Bowlby’s attachment theory, the powerhouse concluded that he identified closely with the dismissive avoidant attachment type.

Claiming that his childhood experiences resulted in him developing a love for being alone, Big E believes that his understanding of his own mind allows him to break certain habits for personal development.

Here is the full quote:

“It’s a lot easier to say ‘oh I’m single’ when you’re 24, because a lot of people are single when they’re 24. When you’re 34 and you’re a perpetual bachelor, you kind of get weird looks, like ‘what’s wrong with you?’. But I discovered this thing, it’s called attachment theory. The theory posits that you either form secure bonds with your parents as children and you have your emotional needs met, or if you don’t, there are three different ways that children insecurely attach, and it affects the way they build relationships and bonds later in life.

“And just a few months ago I saw dismissive avoidant attachment is me. And I read through the symptoms, and it blew my mind, like this is me! I’ve found out what’s wrong with me! It’s characterised by people who say ‘oh I’m not the marrying type’ or ‘I can do things on my own’, who are super independent, and that’s a lot of me. When you don’t have your emotional needs met as a small child, you tend to just like, ‘hey I can meet my own needs’. And that explains why I’m perpetually alone, and I genuinely like being alone.

“I don’t sit at home and pine to be around people all the time. I’m an introvert by nature and I have no idea how I ended up as an entertainer, it makes no sense, because I just always want to be by myself. But that’s me and that’s kind of where I’m at with that. And once you realise why you’re wired the way you are, it can allow you to break certain patterns, and I suppose if a relationship is on the cards for me so be it, but also I’m starting to fall in love with me. I am open to it, but I’m still a work in progress with that stuff I guess.

“I’ve had people try to get me to [do online dating] but I just can’t. I think it’s odd as a public figure, is it not?”

Big E seems to be very self aware, which is no surprise, as his close friend, Xavier Woods, has a PhD in educational psychology. As fun as they have been inside the ropes, it sounds like it would be an inspirational experience to talk to The New Day outside the ring.

On the topic of dating, Big E addressed rumours, confirming he had not dated Celeste Bonin (FKA WWE’s Kaitlyn).

Big E competes in the 2021 Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

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