Bobby Lashley Turned Down Shoulder Surgery Ahead Of WrestleMania 38

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Bobby Lashley Turned Down Shoulder Surgery Ahead Of WrestleMania 38 WWE

WWE Raw star Bobby Lashley has revealed that he refused to have surgery for the shoulder injury he suffered ahead of WrestleMania 38.

During February’s Elimination Chamber premium live event, Lashley was removed from the main event before his official entry into the match, forfeiting the WWE Championship.

It was reported that Lashley was dealing with a legitimate shoulder injury ahead of WrestleMania, however the All Mighty returned to action to face Omos during the April event.

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, Lashley noted that Vince McMahon told him to take time off and have surgery.

Explaining that he was dealing with a torn labrum and rotator cuff, Lashley said:

“I tore my shoulder two months before WrestleMania. I couldn’t even raise my hand. I kept that quiet. I took like three weeks off and I said, I have to make it to WrestleMania. I called Vince (McMahon), Vince was like, ‘Ah, let’s take off. Let’s go get surgery,’ spend four months off and everything like that.

“I was like, ‘I can’t do that. There’s no way I’m gonna do that.’ I stayed at home for a couple weeks and when I sat at home for a couple weeks, I started going crazy and I was like, I can’t stay at home. I gotta go to work so I started training and I started getting ready, I started rehabbing and I got back in and then I made it for WrestleMania. I mean there’s no downtime. Every other sport has off-season. We don’t have an off-season.

“It circulated (him might not being able to make it for WrestleMania). I get pissed off about that. Stuff that’s supposed to be inside here, gets leaked out and I don’t know how that got leaked out because I didn’t tell anybody. It was between me and the trainers.

“The trainers were like, ‘All right, go get an MRI.’ I got an MRI and then the MRI was like, you got a 75 percent tear in your rotator cuff, your labrum is torn and all this and I was like, does that mean I get a day off? (Lashley laughed)”

Lashley is currently the WWE US Champion, defeating Theory for the gold at Money in the Bank in July.

On the August 1 edition of WWE Raw, Ciampa became the #1 contender to Lashley’s gold, with the title bout slated for next week’s show.

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Transcription via POST Wrestling

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