Charly Caruso Leaving WWE Soon?

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Charly Caruso Leaving WWE Soon?

It was reported earlier today that WWE backstage interviewer Charly Caruso had been removed from TV after receiving heat backstage.

According to a report from Fightful Select, Caruso’s heat is as a result of her being consistently late to conduct interviews, and this news reached the ears of Vince McMahon, who made the decision to pull her from TV.

According to the same report, Caruso’s contract with WWE is up very soon, but it isn’t known whether she is planning to remain with the company, or whether this heat is leading to her departure.

Interviewers Cathy Kelley and Renee Paquette have both left WWE in the past year, so it may be that Caruso is going to be following them out of the door.

The current belief is that Caruso has been permanently replaced by Kevin Patrick, who you will have seen popping up for interviews on WWE TV over the past few weeks.

We will of course keep you updated with any further news regarding Caruso’s status with WWE.

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