Chris Jericho Reveals He Contacted Will Ospreay When AEW Started

8 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Chris Jericho Reveals He Contacted Will Ospreay When AEW Started

Chris Jericho has admitted that he’d love to see Will Ospreay join AEW, revealing that he reached out to Ospreay when AEW was starting up.

Speaking on REINVENTED with Jen Eckhart, Jericho recalled his own experiences wrestling in Japan. The former AEW World Champion argued that Ospreay will eventually want to wrestle for a US-based promotion, and he can’t wait to see Ospreay work in America.

Believing Jericho said:

“I’d love to see Will in AEW. I actually called him way way back when we were first starting out to see what kind of interest he had. I think there are a lot of guys that want to work in Japan and spend time there, I know because I was one of them. I’ve been to Japan over 60 times in my career. There will come a time when Will decides he wants to work in his own country, I know he’s English, but in America, that idea is much more similar to England than Japan is.

“There’s something to be said about being a world-wide television superstar. You won’t get that working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s great to be there, but the real big leagues lie in America. I would love to see Will working in America and I think at some point, that will probably happen.”

Ospreay has recently wrestled in the US for NJPW Strong. During the Autumn Attack tapings, Ospreay unveiled the latest addition to his United Empire faction.

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