College GameDay Fans Falling In Love With Pat McAfee

College GameDay Fans Falling In Love With Pat McAfee WWE

While it has now been four long weeks since wrestling fans were treated to the perpetual delight that is Pat McAfee, you may have noticed him trending on Twitter this morning.

That is because it seems that now that his stint on College Game Day is in full swing, college football fans across the nation have figured out what SmackDown fans have known for quite some time: Pat McAfee is a gem.

While there are numerous notable quotables from the WrestleMania 38 standout flying around on social media, one may be of particular interest to wrestling fans as Pat noted how he navigates challenging fashion norms in the workplace, saying:

“I tried to meet the old whites, who hate the way I dress in the middle, literally. Business on top, party on the bottom.”

Pat McAfee made his WWE debut in one such mullet inspired attire when he famously almost quit before his stint even began.

McAfee has famously retold the story of his WrestleMania debut and the tuxedo shorts, recalling a public incident where Michael Cole chastised him for looking “unprofessional,” after which it took Vince McMahon to smooth things over.

McAfee described the subsequent apology from Cole as “one the realest apologies” he had ever gotten in his life and of course we know now that they are quite the dynamite duo for the Blue brand.

We miss you on SmackDown Pat! Treat him well College GameDay fans!

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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